Jack O’Connell Said He Was ‘Very Naive’ and Felt ‘Compromised’ When Filming for Skins

December 14, 2022

In 2007, the British television show Skins premiered its first season and quickly gained traction for its dark depiction of the lives of teenagers. Storylines for the series included graphic sex scenes, drugs, and alcohol. Actual teens also played the characters on Skins, and a new cast would be introduced every two seasons. While the series ultimately served as a stepping stone for young actors looking to make their big break, not all its stars felt comfortable while shooting the series. In 2021, eight years after the final season, members of the cast began to share their negative filming experiences. Most recently, actor Jack O’Connell revealed (via Buzzfeed) that he’d been “very naive” and felt “compromised” when filming for Skins.

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