Daredevil Star Reacts to Kingpin’s Return In Daredevil Born Again

July 26, 2022

Vincent D’Onofrio played a perfect poker face when addressing his possible return to the MCU prior to his appearance in Hawkeye’s finale. After his character of Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk was presumed to have been killed by Echo in the final moments of the series, the fan belief that this “death” wouldn’t last long has been proven right as Kingpin is now set to return in both the Echo series and the newly confirmed Daredevil: Born Again. D’Onofrio wasted no time in reacting to the announcement of the new series, with a pair of tweets encompassing the old and new Daredevil shows.

Vincent DOnofrio as Kingpin in Daredevil a closet full of white suits next to him diT65w
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