Richard Pryor’s Daughter and Others Celebrate History of Black Comedy in New Documentary

June 29, 2022

As practically everyone knows, comedians have come under attack these days for comments that allegedly offended a few folks. Nonetheless, the new A&E two-part documentary Right to Offend: The Black Comedy Revolution, which airs Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. EST is sure to remind viewers that jokes are either insulting or self-deprecating. Naturally, one of the comedians featured in the short is the trailblazing, outspoken Richard Pryor. Rain Pryor is ecstatic about honoring her late father’s legacy. The actress, writer, and daughter of iconic comedian Richard Pryor recalled childhood memories of her father in a recent PEOPLE Every Day podcast. Rain Pryor was very frank about reconciling the darker side of her father and admitted that he used to get “ahead of whatever press there was going to be” with a no-filter approach.

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