Robert Englund Reveals Surprising Inspiration for Stranger Things Character

June 11, 2022

The fourth season of Stranger Things is drawing a lot of comparisons to the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, mainly because of how similar Vecna is to the iconic slasher Freddy Krueger. Vecna targets teenagers who have experienced a traumatic event, puts them in a dream-like state, and kills them in horrific fashion. Chrissy’s death in the season premiere was also a pretty deliberate homage to Tina’s in the first Nightmare film, so horror fans are being plenty satiated by the darker tone Stranger Things has taken. Even more exciting to horror die-hards is that Freddy Krueger himself guest stars in the fourth episode of the season, as Robert Englund takes on the role of the horrifically disfigured Victor Creel.

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