Exclusive: White Elephant’s Vadhir Derbez Praises Bruce Willis in Light of Aphasia Diagnosis

June 7, 2022

The recently released White Elephant will be one of Bruce Willis‘ final films. Earlier this year, Willis’ daughter Rumer announced that the actor would be stepping away from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia, a neurological disorder caused by damage to the brain responsible for language, which ultimately affects one’s ability to communicate. In the months since the revelation of Willis’ condition, former directors and co-stars like Looper actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt have come forward with nothing but praise for Willis. Public support for the actor is sure to continue as Willis’ last handful of movies release throughout the rest of the year. Indeed, his White Elephant co-star Vadhir Derbez offered his own words on Willis in our exclusive interview, saying “it was an honor in general, just being in one of his last films and having him on [and sharing] the set with him.”