How Stranger Things Season 4 Villain Drew Inspiration from Game of Thrones Big Bad

June 1, 2022

Hawkins, Indiana has been terrorized by all sorts of creatures since Will Byers was taken into the “Upside Down”. From Demogorgons, to the Mind Flayer, to various other Lovecraftian monsters, the ante has been upped with each subsequent installment of Stranger Things. Season four is no different, as a new big bad is tormenting and murdering the children of Hawkins in horrific fashion. As coined by Dustin Henderson, Vecna has proven to be an imposing force for the Stranger Things crew to go up against. What makes the creature even more terrifying is that it’s the first humanoid foe that’s been a primary antagonist for the series. Previous denizens of the Upside Down have been created with VFX, but Vecna is an impressive work of prosthetics and practical effects, which gives the character an ominous and forboding presence whenever he’s on-screen.

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