Comic Book 101: Thor 4’s Gorr the God Butcher, Explained

May 30, 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder will star one of Marvel’s newer characters in the villain role, Gorr. First introduced in Thor: God of Thunder in January 2013, the villain will have an interesting angle when it comes to his big screen debut. As of right now, surprisingly little is known about Gorr’s background, even in the comics. He is from an unknown planet of an unknown species of aliens. There are just too many unknowns, it’s hard to keep track of what isn’t known about this guy. What is known is a severely emaciated and weak Gorr was able to defeat two gods without really trying very hard at all. In doing so, he gained abilities that would gain him titles such as Gorr the Redeemer, Butcher of Gods, and the Black Butcher. How was he able to do this? Find out now in this edition of Comic Book 101.

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