Rhode Island’s Conjuring Home Sells for $1.525 Million

May 27, 2022

The real-life home depicted in the original The Conjuring film just sold in Rhode Island for $1.525 million. This isn’t the house used for the movie; instead, it is the actual house the Perron family lived in during their experiences with a paranormal entity. The home was purchased in 2019 by the Heinzen family, who opened the land up for tours, inviting anyone brave enough to take a look at the Rhode Island house. The Perrons moved to the home in January 1971 and immediately began noticing strange things within the house. Based on reports from All That’s Interesting, the Perron’s would start to see small things which had no explanation. For example, a broom would go missing or be out of place, a strange sound would scrape against the kettle in the kitchen when no one was there, and small piles of dirt accumulated on a newly cleaned floor. Once the Heinzen family bought the house, they reiterated these experiences with the Sun Journal.

the conjuring house QDE76k
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