Exclusive: Inzomnia is Mexico’s First Stop-Motion Animated Movie

April 27, 2022

Director Luis Téllez is currently in the middle of production on his new movie Inzomnia, which is set to make history as the first stop-motion animated movie to be filmed completely in Mexico. Set in a dystopian world, the movie tells the story of a city whose rulers have created the Inzomnia pill, which is forcefully given to each citizen and, as a result, negates their need for sleep. Over time, the citizens begin to lose their memory, effectively becoming hollow versions of themselves. However, a 10-year-old girl named Camila becomes the city’s unlikely savior. Separated from her family, Camila escapes Inzomnia and, as such, is able to sleep — and dream. It is, in fact, in her sleep that Camila enters the magical Dream World, where she meets nine-year-old Cesar. Together, they embark on a fantastical adventure in search of ways to overthrow the rulers, save her family, and bring peace to the sleepless city.

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