Godzilla vs. Kong Sequel Reportedly Has Working Title of Son of Kong

March 27, 2022

After being reported earlier this month that a sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong was set to begin production in Australia later this year, it looks like the first indication of what could be coming from the second meeting of the two giants has already been teased by the working title of the movie: Son of Kong. While Godzilla’s previous Hollywood iteration failed to ignite the box office or get critics and audiences on side, the latest run of movies that began in 2014 has proved to be a huge box office success, which in turn led to the eventual Monsterverse mash-up of Godzilla vs Kong. While that movie ended up being released at the height of the Covid pandemic, it made a good run at the box office, was a huge hit for HBO Max and also became one of the most pirated movies of 2021, suggesting that a sequel was inevitable.

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