Atlanta Season 3’s Opening Episodes Take Inspiration from Real-World Tales of White Privilege

March 26, 2022

This article contains spoilers for the first two episodes of Atlanta Season 3 on FX, “Three Slaps” and “Sinterklaas Is Coming to Town.”The first episode of Atlanta season 3 opens with an episode demonstrating how confident the series has become in its voice. By running nearly an entire episode without any overtly evident connection between the way the characters or story of “Three Slaps” connects to our familiar cast, it shows director Hiro Murai and writers Donald and Stephen Glover know Atlanta fans aren’t following the series for its star power but for its themes. There are, however, obvious thematic connections between the narrative of two lesbian white ladies who “foster” four Black children (before a murder/suicide)—based on the true story of Jen and Sarah Hart—and the ideas that have been explored over the course of the first two seasons of Atlanta.

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