Hawkeye Composer Reveals Bittersweet Feelings Toward Post-Credit Scene

January 4, 2022

Marvel Studios has become known for teasing its upcoming movies and TV shows in their post-credit scenes, so much so that when Hawkeye ended with an additional scene that featured a full rendition of “Save the City” from the series’ Broadway show, Rogers: The Musical, fans were quick to air their disappointment. The in-universe show within a show made quite a stir when it made its debut earlier in the series, and with the song being conceived by real Broadway composers Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman it would be unkind not to feature the full song somewhere. As there would probably be nowhere for the song to appear in the future, the obvious place for this to sit was as a little bit extra at the end of the series as a nice little Christmas gift. In a new interview, Shaiman revealed how developing the fake musical and the fan response has been a bittersweet experience.

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