First Look of Killing Eve’s Final Season Reveals New Characters and Unhappy Ending

December 30, 2021

The fourth and final season of the spy thriller drama, Killing Eve is coming to TV and Hulu on February 27th. With only eight episodes left, it is almost time to say goodbye to TV’s favorite deadly assassin and M16 agent. On Dec. 28th, a final 30-second teaser for the show was released which revealed a very ominous ending. It showed Villanelle and Eve standing back to back with Carolyn’s (Fiona Shaw) voiceover saying, “Do you ever think what might have happened if we didn’t do what we did? People like us aren’t made for happy lives or happy endings.” This was followed by a recap of season three which involved an immense amount of stabbing, fighting, and killing as per usual. Carolyn also makes an appearance, spitting at someone or something off-camera. The teaser ended with a discouraged Villanelle walking by herself and Eve offering her a ride on her mobility scooter.

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