Tom Holland’s Brother’s Cameo Cut From Spider-Man: No Way Home

December 29, 2021

Earlier in the year, when the global phenomenon that is Spider-Man: No Way Home was being shot, it was revealed and even posted on Tom Holland’s Instagram account that his brother, Harry Holland would be making a small cameo in the film as a drug dealer that Spider-Man catches, similar to his cameo in Tom Holland’s Russo Brothers-led, Cherry. However, during the press tour, when Tom Holland was talking about it on a talk show, detailing the experience and the contrast between his complaining of scenes where his character has to remain upside down for a large portion of the movie, and his brother calling his claims unjustified, he revealed that his brother’s cameo was similar, where he had to remain upside down for a large portion of shooting, but the scene did not make the final cut of the movie.

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