Michelle Pfeiffer Was Almost Cast In 1989’s Batman But Not as Catwoman

December 15, 2021

While Michelle Pfeiffer’s role as Catwoman in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns is seen as both one of the best iterations of the character on screen and one of the actresses best loved roles, which raised her profile as a 90s sex symbol, it appears that she was almost cast in a different role in Tim Burton’s first Dark Knight release, 1989’s Batman. While it is hard to imagine anyone else talking the role of Catwoman in the sequel, which saw Danny DeVito playing the Penquin and Michael Keaton donning the Batsuit for what seemed until recently to have been the final time, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Batman executive producer Michael Uslan and actor Robert Wuhl discussed the making of the iconic movie and revealed that Pfeiffer was one of the names in the running to play Vicki Vale in the original movie.

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