Michael Sheen Says He’s a ‘Not-for-Profit’ Actor, Donating Majority of Earnings to Social Causes

December 11, 2021

Actor Michael Sheen has had the type of career some actors can only dream of, and in a recent interview the BAFTA, Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG nominated star has revealed that he would like to turn himself into a “social enterprise, a not-for-profit actor” and pledged to give the majority of his future acting earnings to promoting social causes. Having appeared in every genre possible, from the drama of Frost/Nixon, to the Twilight Saga, to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and numerous TV roles, Sheen is one of those actors that everyone has seen in something, even if they don’t know it, and he is also well known as one of the most genuine people working in the business, so the statement doesn’t appear to be too much out of character.

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