The Matrix: Resurrections International and Character Posters Are Making Waves in the Rain

November 22, 2021

If you made it to the movie theaters this weekend, you probaly caught The Matrix: Resurrections trailer on the big screen. While we’ve seen the trailer on the tube, just the taste on the silver screen had the Ghostbusters: Afterlife audience I was seated with pumping their fists, and quietly murmuring, which is saying something for The Alamo Drafthouse. Those cinephiles are not messing aroung with those talking rules, thank goodness! But the audience couldn’t help themselves; you could feel the excitement for the saga to continue. Today Warner Bros. is continuing to amp The Matrix fans up, releasing a slew of posters, including all of the players and two new international posters featuring our dynamic duo, Neo and Trinity.

matrix resuurections topper H1rb9T