Tom Holland Recalls Burning Out On Spider-Man: Homecoming Press Tour

November 21, 2021

Tom Holland gained a reputation as a liability when it came to Marvel press briefings in his early years as the MCU’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, joining fellow Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo as someone who just couldn’t quite stop himself from accidentally leaking some big secrets that were meant to be kept under wraps for a little longer. While experience has taught the actor how to hold back on revealing spoilers – even if he almost has a slip every now and then, like in the recent video of him watching the second Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer with fellow stars Zendaya and Jacob Batalon when he seemed on the verge of saying something that many believe related to the potential of other Spider-Man being missing from the trailer – in a recent interview, Holland revealed that the stress of those first press tours for Spider-Man: Homecoming really burnt him out.

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