Harry Styles Is ‘So Grateful’ to Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

November 20, 2021

For those who have not yet seen Eternals and would like its secrets to remain intact, then this may not be the article you are looking for. With that in mind, the mid-credit scene of Eternals brought with it the unexpected sight of One Director singer Harry Styles making his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Eros, who also goes under the title of Starfox of Mystery Planet, is the brother of Thanos and Royal Prince of Titan. After making a grand entrance and being formally announced by Pip the Troll – voiced by Patton Oswalt and being a CGI character that has come under a fair amount of ridicule since the scene arrived in cinemas – Eros told a small remaining group of Eternals that their friends were in trouble and he can help to find them, and so ends the set up for a second Eternals movie, or at least part of it.

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